Dwell Staging
October 2023

An eCommerce site that converts

Watchovr's Shopify store development for Dwell Staging spurred nationwide expansion and a sustained 50% sales increase. That's right, 50%!


eCommerce, API


Shopify, Webflow, React, Node.js

The big idea

Dwell Staging, a super cool & trendy furniture store that started in Tampa, FL, wanted to be even cooler. They wanted to sell their awesome sofas, tables, and lamps online to people all over America, not just the folks around the corner. So they teamed up with us folks here at Watchovr to make the best online store ever.

Building the Superstore

Watchovr used some special computer magic called Webflow and Shopify to create an amazing online store. We packed it with all sorts of bells and whistles.

Here are some of the things we did that weren't possible before and now, poof, just like magic, now they are!

  1. Sending Furniture Everywhere: Before, Dwell could only send their furniture to nearby places. Watchovr changed the game by adding a smart delivery system so now you can get a Dwell couch in Alaska, Florida, or anywhere!
  2. Chat with Us!: While you're shopping, if you have a question like "Will this lamp look good in my room?", there's a chat service called Intercom to help you out.
  3. Easy-Peasy Search: Ever get lost trying to find something online? Watchovr made a search bar that's as easy as pie to use. It's built with something called React and works super well with Shopify.
  4. Click, Click, Buy!: They made the website so user-friendly that you can buy your dream furniture with the fewest clicks possible.
  5. The Magic Mirror for Business: Watchovr added a tool that's like a magic mirror. It shows Dwell all kinds of numbers and facts to help them make smarter choices.
  6. Book a Styling Session: You can fill out a form to get help from an actual interior designer. It's like having a fairy godmother in your home!
  7. Always Up-to-Date: Ever seen a piece of furniture online you wanted, and you go to the store, only to find out it's sold out? That's a bummer! To ensure what you see online is this, Watchovr added a special tool to ensure what you see online is what's in the store.

Woohoo, Results!

Click here to see the new site

Once the online store was up and running, people started buying more stuff—right away! In just one week, Dwell's sales went up by 50%. Kinda crazy right? And it wasn't a lucky streak; it kept on happening. Dwell was able to increase sales in a huge way!

Dwell's adventure shows that if you think out of the box and really care about making customers happy, you can become a superstar in the online shopping world.


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Julian Correa
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Mike Sierra
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Matt Gallant
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