Bubble Social App
October 2023

That one time we competed with Facebook

Location-based social media app that automatically detect events based on user activity.


App, API, Design


iOS, Android, Node, AWS


As Facebook hit a billion users, niche location-based social platforms like Bubble Social emerged to capture user attention in unique ways. Partnering with Watchovr, Bubble Social aimed to build a scalable mobile app that leveraged local celebrities and influencers to maintain user engagement.


The project involved multiple critical components:


  • iOS App: Initially launched on iOS to capitalize on its popularity in U.S. college campuses.
  • Android App: A later version was developed for Android, essentially mirroring the iOS features.
  • API: Developed an API that powered both mobile apps. It included an innovative user popularity ranking algorithm.
  • Admin Web Platform: Built an admin web application for managing ads and monitoring user activity.

Unique Features

  • User Popularity Ranking: An algorithm that ranked users based on the quality of their connections.
  • Event "Bubble": The API created a "bubble" on a map to indicate where a large number of users were congregating, essentially highlighting where the most happening events were.
  • Event Detection: The system could automatically detect large events based on unusual user activity in a specific area.


The app initially saw great success at UCF, attracting 40,000 total users and 4,000 daily active users, a significant portion of the student body. However, after losing a key investor, the team's morale plummeted and the app eventually was decommissioned. Despite this setback, the experience offered valuable lessons in app development, scaling, and marketing. The final product comprised nearly 1 million lines of code across all versions.


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