March 2024

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Powering a moving company with software. Watchovr's software has processed thousands of moves worth over $1m in revenue.


Website, Online Bookings, Logistics


React, Wordpress, Spring Boot, AWS

The main goal

Knightspeed, based in Orlando, sought to revolutionize the moving industry by enhancing its digital presence and streamlining its booking and logistics operations. Partnering with Watchovr, their goal was to create a seamless moving experience for their customers.

What was done

Watchovr built three important pieces of software for Knightspeed:

  1. Marketing Website: The first thing they did was create a website that's easy to find and helps people trust Knightspeed quickly. This website guides visitors to the second part, the booking system.
  2. Online Booking System: When you want to move with Knightspeed, you can book your move online. It's a step-by-step process that's easy to follow and gathers all the important information you need for moving day.
  3. Internal Logistics Tool: This is the most crucial part of the software. It takes the information you entered when booking and helps Knightspeed plan your move efficiently. This tool also keeps customers updated before, during, and after the move with email and text notifications.

The results

As Knightspeed has grown, the need for good software has also grown. Watchovr’s software has helped Knightspeed earn over $1 million in sales and continues to be the core part of how they do business.

The Takeaway

Watchovr's software solutions transformed how Knightspeed operates, making the company more efficient and transparent. Now, booking a move is simpler and more reliable than ever, making moving day simpler and more stress-free, and that's a win for everyone.


Don’t take our word for it.
See what our past clients say.

“I have nothing but positive words from both my team and my customers. ”

I took a bet on Watchovr and had them build a custom booking web application for my moving company. This software was not only my company’s first impression on new customers, but also the application that facilities majority of the revenue at my company. What I’m trying to say is... I put a lot of trust in the Watchovr team.

After several successful years of using the app they’ve built, I have nothing but positive words from both my team and my customers.

In addition, if anything ever goes wrong with the software, their maintenance team fixes it right away! Thank you for your business, Watchovr!

Julian Correa
Julian Correa
Owner @ Knightspeed
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“Watchovr always rises to the occasion and delivers high-quality websites and applications. ”

Watchovr has been my go-to development agency whenever I need a software solution. Whether it’s for myself or one of my marketing clients, Watchovr always rises to the occasion and delivers high-quality websites and applications.

If you are looking for a custom software development agency that prioritizes communication and delivering the top of the line custom technology, I would absolutely recommend Watchovr.

Mike Sierra
Mike Sierra
Owner @ Clickable Impact
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“They consistently deliver high quality work on time and with great communication, many times exceeding my expectations.”

I have worked with Watchovr for several years now. Their team’s skillset is extensive, and they have been my go-to solution for complex development solutions.

Matt Gallant
Matt Gallant
Tech Director @ Magneti
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